For Thanksgiving, we decided to make Claire Saffitz's Thanksgiving meal that she published with the New York Times. We initially discovered this from her full-length YouTube video making each item in the meal.

There's a lot of good dishes in the meal, but one stuck out to us – the caramelized apple pie.

The caramelized apple pie.

We had never heard of mixing caramel with an apple pie, let alone baking the apples ahead of time before adding them to the pie itself. I've never really found a great apple pie recipe. My family typically makes an apple pie every Thanksgiving. Theirs begins with a substantial mound of apples under the dough, which results in a large air gap below the crust when the pie leaves the oven. Just imagine what Mary Berry's reaction would be to the bottom of the pie.

Since the apples are baked ahead of time, they're soft and the majority of their liquid has been lost. However, they still have a ton of a flavor and the caramel isn't overbearing. As a result, the pie looks great both entering and leaving the oven.

The pie was quickly consumed. We actually enjoyed it so much we made it again for Christmas.

This recipe is definitely becoming a regular for us and I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot next time you're in the mood for apple pie.